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Waktu Solat Script

Waktu Solat Script

USD $7.00

Waktu Solat script is a complete Malaysia prayer time solution developed using PHP and MySQL. It has a built-in Admin Page which ease developer to customize the website and also to add Google adsense script or any other advertisement script in the most efficient way. The Waktu Solat script is developed based on JAKIM yearly takwim and upon opening the main page, the website is configured to automatically project the current date prayer time as well prayer time for the next 5 days. It has also equipped with function to select different Malaysia's zone (with different prayer time) and visitor can also select by Malaysia's cities.

On top of purchasing the Waktu Solat script, you my also subscribe for yearly maintenance in order to receive technical support and yearly takwim update.

+ Reference website for prayer time
+ Takwim aligned with JAKIM
+ Searchable by zone and major cities
+ Realtime
+ Mobile view included
+ Business enabled (google & personal advert)
+ Suitable for programmers and students
+ HTML and PHP script
+ MySQL Improved (mysqli) database
+ Easy to install
+ Easy to maintain (admin page)
+ Highly customizable

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